Monday, August 19, 2013

Project storage

How do you store your fabrics/supplies for particular projects? Do you use shoe boxes? I have several of those! Do you have special containers? I have many of these! All of mine are full!

Most of the time, my projects get left out in the open in piles... that is IF I'm working on them on a regular basis. But piles need horizontal space which can be problematic. For instance, if I pile my project on my cutting table, I might need to use that space to trim blocks etc. so the pile gets relocated. The chance of losing parts of that project is an issue. So I like to protect them in easily accessible containers.

I've loved "house" quilts forever and this one had my heart from the first time I saw it. I finally took the plunge and purchased the pattern online. It arrived last week and I knew it had to be my next evening handwork. 

I spoke last week in Glad for Plaids (08/13) that I needed taupe fabrics for my new project so I headed to my favorite store Quilt Emporium and bought oodles of fat quarters. YES THEY CUT THESE OFF THE BOLT! How patient they are! LOVE YOU LADIES!




But as if I didn't have enough, I went to Candy's Quiltworks and found a few more. However they don't cut fat quarters so I had to purchase 1/4 yd cuts instead. :(  she doesn't know I have a love affair with FQs.

So how do I store so many fabrics for one project?

None of my containers was big enough so I went to my favorite store: Goodwill Thrift Store (those who know me aren't surprised) and found this great picnic basket at a terrific price! Even better, it was clean and empty! Did you know that when you shop at Goodwill you get 10% off if you're over 55yrs of age? Just show your driver's license! And there's NO TAX at Goodwill. 

This baby cost me $3.60. Can't beat that!

Here's is what I have so far on Block no 1: sorry for the crooked angle in which this photo was taken :( 

I'm working on the pink house; the rest is all appliqued. Then comes the embroidery. Missing is the dog that will get appliqued after two strips of small rectangles get sewn on at the bottom. 

Off to prepare block no 2!




  1. Great fabric choices - some lovely, lovely ones in there! And very sweet pattern - how big will the finished piece be?

    1. The finished quilt is 56 1/2" x 57". I've seen different layouts and like what others have done. I haven't decided if I want to make all those steps in the borders. There's a lot of "white" space... not sure if I care for that.

      I do love those fabrics. I've added several more from another quilt store this week. YIKES! Might need another picnic basket... thanks Jennifer!