Monday, August 12, 2013

NO MORE... quilting in the dark!

Last week, while surfing Pinterest, I came upon this video posted also on YouTube by Jill and was so impressed with her ingenuity that I decided to try this out. I hate to work in the dark and even if I have good LED lighting in my studio, there's nothing that can beat shadow-less lighting on my work space.

Off to Walmart I went and found these lights, not the MaxLED lights she has in the video.
These are short ones that I will use on my regular sewing machine once I find another 12V adapter. I bought 14" side emitting lights for Lolah, the only package left, since they didn't have this kind in longer lengths. What could I lose for $17? The shorter ones were $12.

Thanks to son no 1 who provided this adapter!

Once I made the connections and stuck the lights to Lolah, I was ready to test them out.

So here we go: are you ready to be amazed???





I would have preferred to have them mounted on the underside of the machine head but the side mount works just as well. There is one strip on each side.

I just can't get over the difference!

Lolah is now considered PIMPED! heehee!!!



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