Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More pimping!

Yesterday I dropped in at a local LED wholesale supply store. I thought what the heck... if they only sell wholesale, I'll order the adapter I needed online. But luckily for me they also sell retail! :)

I should have gone there BEFORE I purchased the LED at Walmart. They have a huge selection of all kinds of LED with different brightness levels too! I asked the clerk how long a strip can one hook to a 12V adapter and he said 4ft! That's good to know! 

So this morning I PIMPED my regular sewing machine with 4 x 4" LED strips. Here are some pictures:




The red electrical tape isn't pretty but it's what I have and I don't see it sitting at the other side of the table. And it matches my red chair! :)

Looking forward to increased visibility without burning myself on an extra lamp in front of the machine!

I also know where to go to get what I need for a future project... stay tuned for that one!




  1. Brilliant (haha) and hilarious at the same time! It’s like a quilter’s version of “Pimp my Ride” - man, I looved that show! lol

    Love the idea of increased visibility! I realize I spend a lot of sewing time crouched over my machine, trying to see clearly. Between progressives and low lighting, it can be challenging! Looks like you have solved that issue!

  2. Getting old is no fun... need more light and stronger glasses! I sure hope this helps. Thanks Jennifer!