Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Play Time!

With a few quilts done, it was time for some play.

Last December I made Christmas presents for our biking friends. His was a double bottle wine carrier. They bring their own wine to restaurants that allow this practice.

Hers was this bike bag. She loved it and used it regularly on their rides taking it off to bring in with her everytime they stopped.

Forward to last Sunday's ride when they told us her bag had been stolen from her bike! She had gone in to get a table at the restaurant while he secured the bikes but both of them forgot to bring in the bag. Two minutes later when they went out to get it, it was gone! Noting valuable left inside thank goodness, except glasses and lipstick! She was heartbroken! 

So Sunday afternoon, I loaded some leftover fabric on Lolah and began to quilt the fabric. I used a cotton voile for the backing as the bag has a lining. I had always wanted to make myself one so I decided to quilt hers with a pink thread (her new bike has a pink stripe) and mine with a yellow thread. You can see both colors on this piece. This is Perma Core.

Hers has the red zipper. The small bag is a coin purse.

I added pockets.

Mine has a green zipper and the small bag is a little camera bag.

 The coin purse is actually for me too! Heehee!

Here we are at one of the restaurants in Manhattan Beach where we have breakfast on our weekend morning rides. This photo was taken in December last year just before we gave them their presents. You can tell we've been on the same tours: she is wearing the same tour company shirt my husband is wearing.

Now we're on the hunt to find the person riding a bike with her "old" bag! It should be easy to spot... and I can descibe it right down to the thread used!

I must return to the sewing machine and add my logo/signature...




  1. neat bag for wine! love it - sorry the other one was stolen!

    1. Why thank you Karen! That wine bag is really sturdy too and keeps the bottles from rattling while carrying.

      I'm sorry too about the loss of that bag? What are the chances we'll find it on someone's bike one day???