Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Peggy's DWR, a secret no longer!

Connections... it amazes me every time I meet someone new just how they heard about Lolah and the shop especially when they're from away. In this case, Peggy, who is from New Glasgow, NS, was at a quilting class wondering how she was going to quilt this top in time to gift it. Someone mentioned Spruce It Up Quilt Shop so she called to inquire.

She visited for a consultation just before Christmas. She was prepared to do a heart design in the center of the rings; since I had loaded a sample piece on Lolah, I let her try out her design. She has experience with free motion quilting on her own sewing machine but as those of you who have tried a longarm know, quilting on Lolah is a little different. 

Peggy returned in early January with her gorgeous Double Wedding Ring quilt made for her daughter's wedding present. I was asked to keep it a secret until it was gifted and I gladly obliged! This one is a BIG beauty...

We had some thread issues at the beginning; batiks tend to test our skills with tension. The thread was so close to the deeper shade that there was a chance we wouldn't be able to find the loose threads to tie them off so Peggy learned how to use the side-loading needle and clamp.

Once Lolah behaved well, she was off and running... Hollie fell in love with this fabric. We even researched where we could find some... no luck, but if you know where we could get our hands on some let us know please!

Peggy chose to free motion quilt with Filtec's Glide in Raven, a lovely deep purple. As you can tell, she became quite comfortable with Lolah and soon was quilting with one hand. Basting down the edges was a must in preparation for the binding.

This is a huge quilt, made for a queen bed.

Hollie convinced her to add a little heart and a special message in the bottom ring... a lovely touch!

Basting the bottom edge... it takes a while. Lolah may be stitch-regulated but she doesn't have a programmed basting stitch.

What's not to love about this backing?

A BEAUTY revealed!

Hollie's husband Micheal and friends dropped by so we sent them outside to photograph the quilt in the sunlight!

Peggy was thrilled with her day. I'm sure her daughter and husband were in awe when they opened their gift. It's gorgeous!

Peggy provided this photo of the newly married with their quilt... they look pleased don't they?

I wonder how long it took Peggy to bind it?? Perhaps she'll let us know...



Tuesday, June 2, 2015



1st Anniversary

Wednesday June 10th


Sale and Surprises!!

Door prize!

Come help us celebrate...

We hope to see you all there...