Sunday, August 11, 2013

Buns in the Oven x2 more!

Two more "organic gardens" are producing! (Pardon the jargon from an old midwife!)

Baby quilts! I LOVE to make baby quilts... learned last week that two of our friends will be grandmothers, one for the first time this fall and the other for the 6th time in February. Remember this quilt? That was for this friend's 5th grandchild... now no 2 son's wife is expecting!

These bright fabrics make my heart sing. They were purchased on Friday at Quilt Emporium: 1 yd each except for the focus fabric, in this case Riley Blake print on white background (2 yds). Included in this lot was 1 yd of Kona white which I already had. There's enough here to make 2 quilts of course.

I was debating whether to use the chevron pattern again or design my own. I've already made 2 chevron quilts this summer and wanted something different. Yesterday morning, I took out my drawing tools and went to work.

To enjoy the process even more, this pattern needed to be easy and quick to make. And it was!
This is fresh off the sewing machine. I could have finished it last evening but dinner interrupted and after a glass or two of wine, it was time for some handwork instead. Besides, daylight was fading and I prefer to sew with lots of light. Are you keeping count?? This is baby number 4 so far this summer. (Baby quilt no 3 which I haven't shown yet is en route to a new baby girl in Ottawa ON Canada. Once she receives it I promise to post the pictures.)

Tomorrow I will make a second one perhaps with a different color arrangement. Can't wait to quilt these! Stay tuned!

And our pet hawk visited again on Friday evening... I hid in the arbor to take this shot. He/she knew I was there...