Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lolah is loaded...

with an applique quilt. This vintage quilt will keep me busy for awhile!

I love this tool for going around applique! Makes it really easy to maneuver the machine around delicate work. I also have a Versa Tool that helps quilting around applique but this seems to give me more control as I can use both hands with palms resting on the knobs, fingers and thumbs on either side of the bar. However I might have to improve this tool: I think if the underside edges were beveled or rounded out and smoothed, the shape would make it ride up over embroidery or other applique pieces a lot easier. I can't even remember who sells this tool or what it's called! :( sorry!

I'm still unsure which quilting design I'll use. I can't do ditch work as some of the seams were pressed open, some not, and some are ironed in both directions. :(

Stay tuned...


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