Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Outside my window!

We've had some activity in the woods... Our newest neighbor, woodlot owner decided to cut logs off his land but in order to do this, he needed access to the lot. Our land borders his and the road is on our property. Permission was granted for him to have access last year but since that winter was milder with an earlier spring thaw, not all the logs were cut. They returned this winter to finish the job. 

In dry summer, it would be advisable to travel this road on a tractor... even then it could be tricky since the land is so boggy. We've done it a few times by tractor and wagon without problem but if the summer is rainy, one would not want to get stuck in the mud. In winter, with the ground frozen, there's little chance of that so it's much safer. Having seen the men go in and out in their trucks we decided to trek out there in our SUV to see the excitement in the woods.

This monster machine picks up the cut and stripped logs and brings them close to the house.
 before they get loaded on a logging truck.

It also clears snow in the yard before the neighbor can come clear the driveway. Clearly, the day after the blizzard, it was making a path for the worker bees!! His own car was by the roadside and the lot owner was waiting to drive up as well. We don't mind them fussing about a clear path! :)

We also ventured down our new driveway... this road is south of the main route and leads to the water and to the location of our future cottage. We built the road several years ago so that it would be well "seasoned" before we build. We also transplanted over 300 spruce trees we'd tagged from our own wood lot. This was done with a shovel and a lot of hard work digging up each sapling from the back hill and transplanting in a newly dug hole.

Deer tracks are everywhere... we did spot the mother and her fawn later that afternoon.

 It amazes me that this logging truck can come and go in and out of the yard but our moving truck couldn't navigate the curve into the driveway!!! Our contractor did mention that the day before the movers arrived, this logging truck actually ditched the back end of his trailer. He figured he'd be stuck here for quite awhile (it was quitting time!) but the driver of the logging truck used his claw (sorry... I don't know what else to call it!) to pick himself out of the ditch and put the back end back on the road. How clever!!

We've witnessed quite a few of these loads leave the yard and today it's been quite busy! And the last of the monster machines has left the lot. All that remains is for the logging trucks to return to pick up the last logs. We hear rumors that the owner of the lot next door will develop a blueberry field. Wild blueberries are big business in these parts. There's also an apple orchard with many varieties of apples on that lot. We have our own apples that need special attention. Maybe with the chainsaw!!!



Sunday, February 23, 2014

One week later!

Our mover/driver was unable to get up the driveway because of how low and long his trailer was. DH had to rent a Ryder truck to unload by the road and then drive it up to unload in the house. What should have taken 3 hours took 8 hours! Everyone was tired by the end of the day!

It's been an interesting week since to say the least. It all started off on the wrong foot... DH slipped on the ice the day after the movers left and injured his ribs at the site of a previous injury suffered on a bike tour in July 2012. It'll take a longer time to recover from this one no doubt; I just want him to recover completely and quickly. Unfortunately, he refuses treatment of any kind which includes medication to deal with his pain. I can't change his way of thinking, I can only support him in his decision and his chores.

Because of his injuries and limited mobility, he's been unable to help much in the way of emptying boxes. That activity has been mine which is just as well as I can take my time and plan what and where to store and what to donate. This old farmhouse lacks a good storage room! That will change as we prepare to start our big construction plan this summer. First off will be a garage/workshop with storage room upstairs. That will greatly relieve the tight space we live in today. In the meantime, we have to make do with what we have.


Lolah now sits comfortably in her room, on the frame; we thought she'd be safer set up! It was a big job in tight quarters surrounded by boxes but we managed. Our contractor installed ceiling LED track lighting above her bed which will greatly improve visibility in the North-East facing room. We could keep our contractor busy here for the next few years. My thoughts of loading a quilt will have to be suppressed for a little while longer as I continue to clear a path around me.

I don't want to offend anyone who has experienced this winter's record snowfall but we've really enjoyed the last three storms to hit our area. We've been away from this for the past 13 yrs and we really missed it. It was exciting to watch... we were like little kids going from window to window marveling at Mother Nature. The snow started falling on the day the movers were here. Luckily, it was near the end of the move when it began. Then Sunday's storm was fantastic: almost 18 inches of snow and blowing snow with winds so strong that at times, we couldn't see our car in the yard. A few days later another 6-8 inches fell overnight. What beautiful scenery snow creates! 

The trees surrounding the house were all dressed in white... it was fabulous. Friday's rainfall and yesterday's beautiful sun, warmer temperatures and a good breeze have melted more than half of it already and our yard is again mud. We do have snow in the fields and the forecast is for more deep freeze temperatures so winter isn't over yet. Thank you to our wonderful neighbor who comes by to clear our driveway!  

The wonderful thing about all these snow days is not having to go anywhere. LOVE being retired!!! Being retired also means we can sit and watch the Olympics without guilt! Canada does a much better job at reporting the games than the USA! We've just finished watching the hockey gold medal win of team Canada against Sweden! What a game!!! YEAH CANADA!! Both men and women hockey GOLD medal winners!!

After all this excitement it's back to unpacking and setting up the sewing and scrapbooking rooms...


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bear with me a little longer please!

Our move from Southern California to Eastern Canada has gone well!

We trekked across the US for 7 days with only 1 day of bad weather. The movers were here to deliver our belongings 2 days ago; the internet was installed the same day and yesterday, the satellite dish for TV reception was installed. We seemed to be getting back to regular communications until our land line phone went dead! That's life in the country...

Please bear with me a little longer. I am amazed at the number of boxes we have; this is an old home and the requirements of that generation were very different from ours. It'll take time to find a way to store our belongings, hopefully not too long.

Lolah is sitting on a comfortable bed while awaiting her own space. I'm sure she'll look very pretty in her new room.