Monday, September 30, 2013

Recent finishes

My handwork finishes have slowed recently as other projects took precedence. I was finally able to work on these last week:

Yoko Saito's Quilt Mystere Block no 3: embroidery:

This cute little snowman wool mat was suppose to be a project during our upcoming travel but I had nothing else ready to work on. It's from My Red Door Designs, a quilt kit I purchased at Cherry Berry Quilts last fall.

 Peppermint Place Block no 5 was quick to make. The top and bottom of the block will be sewn together later on in the process. The string in the bird's beak is to hold up a button star which will be added after the quilt has been quilted.

Now on to the last installment of the quilt: Block no 6 or what they call Pattern no 6 contains the rest of the quilt instructions and fabric. This is a lot of work to keep until the end! I wished they had spaced out the applique a little more but when I looked at the construction of the blocks, it makes a little more sense. It would have been hard and probably wasteful in fabric doing it any other way. So on with the prep. This will become my travel handwork once I piece the blocks for the applique.

The fabrics:

The instructions... many pages!

The freezer paper pieces:

Resulting garbage:

My fingers were quite sore from the scissors and all that cutting. Hope to get a few blocks ready for handwork today!




  1. Beautiful work, always "working"

    1. But of course! I can't sit still too long... much like our mother! :)