Thursday, September 12, 2013

Storing a Mystery!

I mentioned at the end of my last post that I have fabric storage issues. I tend to shop for new fabrics when embarking on a project instead of "shopping" in my own stash. WHY you may ask? Well it isn't that it's hard to get at the fabric, but it's tedious. I have stashes in a few places and nothing is in order any more.

This is what most of my stash is like...

We've moved so many times and each time I have to change my storage system accordingly. These under the bed containers worked great in the house we rented as closet space was very limited. Now they're in my guest bedroom closet but I need to have access to what I have BEFORE I shop so I'm looking for ideas on what to do with fat quarters. I would love your suggestions....

I used to hang pre-washed and ironed FQs from hangers with safety pins at each top corner organized by color and that worked really well except whenever I wanted a piece, it was usually the one in the middle! I keep thinking that someday I'll have the perfect system but as I read many blogs out there, storage systems change with the way you use your space! A never-ending story in my book!

Meanwhile, while looking through these boxes, I found these fabrics that will work in Scrap Quilt and Stitch's mystery quilt.

These are fabric strips, not very big!

Who knew I had these stripes and stars?? Most of these are fat quarters with some pieces much smaller.

 And I found this container to store today's and yesterday's lot.

However, it's not big enough...

Must be on the lookout for a better storage solution. The wine box wasn't the right size either! Besides, we're keeping those for our next move! :(

While at Quilt Emporium the other day, I happened on Sewline glue stick mentioned in the Report on Glue post. Look at this side by side comparison with Karisma glue pen... see any difference??? I don't! Glad to know we're not behind the times in the USA! ;)

And while I was busy folding and arranging my fabrics for De Deauville a Cape Cod, Roxane emailed Block no 1 instructions! I was so pleased to see it and finally get started! By the end of the afternoon, this is what I had:

It was fun to put together. By the end of the evening, the sewing was completed and this morning I did the embroidery while watching The Quilt Show online. 

I did a few things differently: I crocheted a chain of Buttonhole Twist mixed with strand of Superior Metallic Thread in Silver then I applied it to the quilt first by anchoring it beyond the edges of the block then coming up to the top, sliding my needle under the posts (not through all the layers) and extending it to the next post etc... finally going through to the back and securing.

I also chose to add a charm to each changing hut and secured them with the same thread and using a buttonhole stitch around the charm hole. This way they dangle but stay in place. Some knobs are different too and I might still go back and create the same design on each door as on the red one. I'll see how it goes as the quilt is created! The instructions have a water feature to the left but it's absent on the original so I'll wait. 

Did you notice I added my logo to my signature? I created it on my Samsung Note II phone using the pen, then imported it into Photoshop, and created a brush in the size I usually use on my pictures. Now I don't have to type it in anymore which saves me time... more time to stitch!

Off to work on the next house block in Yoko Saito's Quilt Mystere. Have a great day!