Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Setting up!

I mentioned in the last post that I have embarked on Scrap, Quilt and Stitch's latest mystery quilt called "De Deauville a Cape Cod". Today I did some shopping... don't laugh please! I go all out when I am "building"! If you refer to Scrap, Quit, and Stitch's blog, you'll quickly discover that I hardly "needed" all these fabrics! But who ever buys on "need" alone?? It was more of an "I want to have the variety" that spurred me on. Besides, it's a mystery! I want all the options at my fingertips and fabric never goes bad... it will suit other projects I have in mind for later.

Again, Quit Emporium was my go to shopping destination. And they didn't disappoint. They have a fabulous collection of stripes, polka dots and various other fabrics that I might want! :) Here are the choices I made; please note, these are fat quarters unless otherwise specified except for a few that are 1/2 yds... it's my favorite method of shopping and has been for decades! Thanks QE for your patience; I appreciate the time you spend cutting these!

This next photo is puzzling: these are suppose to be brown... the bottom fabric is a dark brown and the top one is a rusty brown. Very strange when all the above fabrics are spot on for color! I couldn't get the camera to photograph the correct color.

These next three are yardage fabrics. They appear lighter; the middle one is actually ecru... very rich looking in real time. How could anyone be disappointed in these??? The fabrics are luscious and have a beautiful hand.

Well when I left Quilt Emporium, I decided to visit our newest local JoAnns Fabrics. They moved and reopened just a few doors east in a space previously occupied by a Petco, a much larger space and better organized than their previous location which I avoided. I just HAD to have a look.

Here is what I found there... I was on the hunt for charms! If you refer to Scrap Quit and Stitches blog, you'll notice she uses several miniature charms. I was unable to find a weathervane but I'll keep looking. BTW: these were marked down 40%!

Top row: UPTOWN: Build a Bracelet charm style 3: www.jessejamesbeads.com; (they're sold in groups of three)
Middle row: Bliss Beads Charms (these are sold individually)
Bottom row: Cousin' Jewelry Basics metal toggle clasp: www.cousin.com (1 unit)

Since I didn't know much about the scale these needed to be, I purchased this anchor with a rope: it's actually a toggle clasp! But very nice... the rope could be useful.

I'm disappointed in JoAnn's fabrics; it used to be they sold some middle to good quality quilting fabrics; these have no body except for the sizing/finishing they get at the factory. The weave is thin, you can see through these and if they were wet, I bet they'd feel even more inferior than when new and dry. I doubt I'll use much of these in the quilt unless I absolutely need a specific color/print. I've enjoyed shopping at JoAnns for many many years but lately, what you find there in the quilting fabrics department  is not up to par. There's no question it's cheaper; yes... and it feels cheaper; they've increased their prices recently too but the quality has declined! Some of the more expensive quilting fabrics by designers are also sold at JoAnns; today I didn't shop that aisle.

These are 1/4 yd cuts: they're not as bad as the fat quarters in terms of quality.

These are fat quarters pre-cut:

And the yardage I bought perhaps for backgrounds... a very strong "perhaps"!

Now I need a container for storing these. I wonder if GoodWill woud have another picnic basket? Maybe I will resort to using an old wooden wine box I bought at a wine warehouse to use as part of a display table set up for our son's wedding. Seems the divided box might be just the right size for these folded fabrics. I'll try that out tomorrow. That is after I rifle through my fabric stash to see what I have in red white and blue stars, stripes and the like! It's a pain to look through my stash... but that's another story! Perhaps I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Good night!



  1. Dear lord. I thought I was bad. You have me beat, Lorette!! Some fabulous fabrics there! A dear quilting friend once told us that she kept all her fabrics in her trunk so that her husband would never know how much she really had. Her problem she said, was that she outgrew the trunk very quickly!

    1. It looks bad but for years I didn't buy much quilting fabrics until I needed to make a quilt. I must catch up! HAHAHA!
      I have a need for stripes in a few projects so these will benefit more than one quilt.