Monday, September 16, 2013

Project Cutting Table

Before I purchased Lolah, my sewing room was a craft room; it contained sewing, scrap booking and card making supplies etc. This was my table which I purchased used at Goodwill for $25 several years ago. It's an Ikea Galant desk with adjustable-height legs. Since I like to scrap standing, it's always at waist height which is perfect for cutting fabric too. Because Lolah was going to take up a lot of room, my supplies moved to the storage room aka former garage. I missed my table for scrapping and wanted to move it to the newly located craft room.

Last Thursday I went looking for shelving that I could alter by adding a counter top, short bookcases at each end for support and storage. One thrift had 2 of the right shelving but they wanted too much for them; they were the right color though! But I was not in a hurry and I wanted to visit other thrifts before I made a decision.

Sometimes it pays to be patient; that said, my kids and husband marvel at how, one day they can ask me to be on the lookout for something only to have me come home with it within a week! Thrifting queen is what our youngest son calls me. :)

What I found on Thursday last week was a crafter's table sold by Pier I Imports. I don't know what the original price was when new but I saw one on Craig's List for $250 and one on eBay for $1000; quite the range in price for a used piece.

Look at the price tag...

Better yet, Goodwill was having a 50% off sale on furniture! SCORE!! I didn't bother asking for my senior's 10% discount! It was already a good deal.

There was one problem... there were no shelves but all the shelf support pins were there. So yesterday, DH cut some 1/4" plywood which was perfect for shelving. No need for heftier thickness since these will only hold fabric. 

I was able to rid another bookcase of its supplies to fill these cubbies with room to spare.

You can tell it was well loved and used. The top has glue globs and the sides/edges have paint stains but I don't mind that. It shows a crafter lives here!

It's almost 5" narrower and 10" shorter in length which gives me more room to walk around the table and a shorter distance to my ironing board but plenty for cutting. 

Now I have a project shelf behind my sewing chair.

 And my scrapping table went back where it belonged just in time for a card making session!




  1. I love that you are a hands on, get ‘er done kind of girl!! Your shelving looks great-and on a budget! Love it!