Saturday, September 7, 2013

I've not forgotten!

Remember these 2 "secret quilt" photos?

The parcel was delivered a few weeks ago to a beautiful little baby girl in Ottawa, Ontario! Here are a few more photos I couldn't show.

Doodle E2E (edge to edge) quiting is my favorite! This was inspired by LouAnn Kessi's Sketchbook designs. LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog!

And here is the best way to display the quilt! Thank you K!!! You're the best!

Don't you just love how the baby's sleeper matches the pink fabric with large print flowers?? Too cool!




  1. Great quilt! I love your quilting! Looks like it was so fun to do! Lorette, most of the photos in this blog aren’t appearing for me - not sure if it a universal problem or a computer specific one.

    1. I'll check into why the photos aren't appearing. They do for me.
      Thank you Jennifer. It was a lot of fun quilting it.