Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Idle? Not me...

I am currently away doing a little of this...

While DH and I are away, our youngest son and his wife have moved in to our home to babysit the house and the cat... very convenient for us as well as them. Wish them good luck on their search for a new apartment.

No, I will not leave Lolah loaded for Soot... this quilt turned out to be for him so this was fine. He rarely comes into the studio anymore and especially not when Lolah is running. Noise is not for him!

But if I happen to be doing some hand sewing, he's there...

My constant companion! I will miss you... be good and forget those mice like the one you found and brought in from outside the other night.

In the meantime, I have scheduled some posts to air while I'm away. Sorry, I won't have internet access to respond to comments until I return but I assure you that I will reply soon.

Wish us luck, good weather and accident-free riding!



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