Monday, July 15, 2013

The Maritime Way!

Well it's been a busy and emotional 3 weeks in the Maritimes! So glad to be home in So.Cal. and having some time to relax in front of my computer and sewing machine!

The first week was spent clearing and cleaning our parents home since the new owner was arriving in early July! That meant getting ready for a huge garage sale. We emptied one home, one garage, one dollhouse and a barn! The garage sale was advertized for 3 days starting on Thursday June 27th! The weather didn't cooperate... it was cold and rainy starting the day before the sale... our most important day getting ready sorting and arranging the seemingly endless amount of stuff our parents accumulated over their 65 yrs of marriage and raising 5 daughters!

What made this wonderful was the great support from friends of the family who came to purchase... our garage sale ended early after 1 1/2days despite the rain! There was nothing left! We enjoyed a terrific lobster feed (100lbs) to celebrate, a tribute to our father's yearly event on Memorial Day weekend; he would set it up in the garage using sawhorses and planks as a table.

It was an emotional goodbye! We kept it together until we were ready to leave...

We were saying goodbye to our favorite gathering place!

But I know how to recapture those memories in my mind and my heart... all I have to do is hang clothes out to dry...



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