Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Smelling fabric!

I've had my share of moving in my 35 yrs of marriage! Perhaps not as many times as others who are in the military but often enough. During our vacation recently, I had occasion to fill a few packing boxes. It always brings back memories with that familiar smell of cardboard I know all too well. Three weeks playing with boxes this time! Not so bad... and I don't have to unpack them! YEAH!

Well today I decided I would rather smell fabric! We went on vacation with very little in our suitcases with a plan to return with quilt tops! This summer, we were home in time to attend the Lupin Quilt Fair and Market in Port Elgin NB. Being a beginner longarmer, acquiring quilt tops will allow me the opportunity to practice on "real" quilts. I plan to donate one for each of the nursing homes caring for my mother and father-in-law for fundraising activities this fall. Some of these also came with binding already made! Couldn't fit them all in our suitcases so we had to leave some behind until we return in October.

Kathy from Tamarack Shack who quilted my Smokey River quilt included these goodies in the shipping box! What a generous and thoughtful gift for your clients Kathy! Thank you! The hand-dyed fabric is gorgeous!

I did a little shopping too... this comes from Gaspereau Hardware and More in Port Elgin. Stop on by and Shelley will be more than happy to cut you some fabric! Love these!! Some may make their way in my next project!

We stopped in Woodstock NB too and visited The Christmas Crab Quiltery! It's a lovely store and I hear the owner has opened a new location in Marysville near Fredericton. Perhaps that's the reason the Woodstock location had less stock.

A good friend has great confidence in me! She brought me this vintage Sunbonnet Sue to quilt! It was made by her mother, hand appliqued, embroidered and machine pieced. I'll have to put on some big girl shoes to quilt this one! I hope I can do this justice! First client quilt!!! It's a little scary! Wish me luck!

But before that, I need to work on my third baby quilt this summer. I decided not make another chevron quilt! Stay tuned for the reveal...

I much prefer the smell of fresh fabric over cardboard boxes... don't you??



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