Monday, July 29, 2013

Before Lolah!

Long before Lolah arrived in my life, I had a homemade system to help machine quilt large quilts. I found a used White sewing machine that ran smoothly and quietly and made a beautiful stitch. The Flynn System for quilting which I had purchase at Road to California Quilt show was just not working for me in the way it was meant to but with longer poles and a support system all I needed was something to ride my machine on. So I devised this system: 

Here you see the Flynn attachments to the long poles supported by hangers screwed into a piece of wood that is attached to the tripod legs I found at the local big box store.

The machine bed was made out of plywood with a series of swivel wheels and 2 handles made from sturdy hanging hooks.

The machine pedal was easy to reach with my right thumb while holding the hook and maneuvering the base around the quilt. 

The table was covered with a piece of shiny 1/4" thick board; the wheels had no resistance and they moved freely. It was surprising how fun and easy it was. 

The only problem was the amount of space I could quilt at one time which wasn't a lot. Four to six inches at most!

But I quilted this whole quilt using a meandering stitch and it turned out great!
As long as I didn't run over my assistant!!




  1. That is ingenious, Lorette!! I have a John Flynn frame as well and it never worked properly for me. Wish I had been as innovative as you and made use of mine like this. I just uncovered it this evening as I continued my sorting and re-organizing. It was just one more gadget for quilting with my domestic that didn’t work as I hoped it would.

    1. It worked enough for me at the time! Life got busier after that and I put it away. I recently found the box with the Flynn system and it brought back some great memories! Binx, my assistant, has since died! He loved it sleeping on top of the quilts!