Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Paws for Santa II

This is the first time I create a second large quilt with the same pattern. My thoughts return to the old quilt... I find myself longing for that color scheme! It's hard to break that bond! But I did well this time! I decided to go for elegance... the Old World Santas "demand" it.

Well I was not disappointed! I spent about an hour yesterday looking through the stock of Christmas fabrics trying to get a feel for what I wanted in the Paws for Santa II. It took me awhile to get that groove I love to feel, the moment I know the fabrics come together to make it work.

I piled bolts of fabrics on the counter and kept changing my mind UNTIL I pulled out the Santas! That's when one fabric turned everything around for me... I was quick, then, to choose the others to coordinate! The girls at the shop were very patient with me and let me create. I must say they have a wonderful selection of Christmas fabrics. 25% off too until the end of the month!

First off: the backgrounds:

Next: the reds:

The greens:

the teals & gold

The colors are luscious and deeper than the photos show.

I've tested the colorfastness: Do you do this? Is this a necessary step for you? It is for me! You see, I used to wash every fabric as soon as I got home from the store; then I would iron it all and store it or work with it immediately. But I don't do that anymore; it's not that it's too time consuming, I just love the crispness of the freshly purchased fabric. Besides, I love the look of the quilt after it's washed for the first time. It shrinks a little and the washing gives it an "old" feel.

The Color Charts are ready too! Paws for Santa file had a 4" square of fabric from each one used. There weren't that many. Today I like to know what company makes the fabric I use and what pattern or color number is labelled on the fabric selvage in case I run out. No worries there... I bought enough to make 2 quilts! Regardless of whether I make another one after Paws II, the information will be valuable if only in my records.

Today I start cutting!



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