Friday, July 19, 2013


Dreaded Wednesday! I scheduled Wednesday to quilt 2 baby quilts for the Rotaplast (surgery to repair cleft palates) charity our guild supports. I loaded them side by side on Lolah. First mistake! One backing with 2 quilt tops might work but not 2 separate quilts... I ended up taking one off and quilting them separately. Won't make that mistake again! I'm still on the learning curve!

Then I set up the pantograph and went to work! I'm not comfortable with panto work... PERIOD... I'm told though that it becomes easier the more you do it! I hope so! The panto I chose is called Cotton Candy (6") from Simple Quilting Stitches; several pantographs were included with the purchase of the machine.

It's an easy pattern to quilt but I'm not comfortable being on the "other" side of the machine! I call it quilting blindly! All went as expected for a beginner quilter! Not bad but not so smoothly...

The backing is the same on both quilts... pink!

What I didn't like about the panto on the first quilt was the frequent advancing because there was only one row of pattern to work with! So for the second quilt, I decided to trace the pattern making 2 rows.

NOW that worked much better and faster.

As I was deciding what to quilt on this little doll quilt, I noticed the little flower in the background and thought, how nice it would be to draw my own pattern for such a flower.

And after I drew the design, I decided it might be too advanced for me at this stage and I should try the design on a practice piece first. I made it 50 inches across with a 13in width. This is what I will work on today after I apply the bindings to these little quilts!

NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED - You can't get anywhere unless you're willing to take a risk. Chaucer (c. 1374)



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