Sunday, March 29, 2015

Marie's Batik Braids

It should come as no surprise to many people that Marie's quilts are large! She loves to have them cover the bed and hang down the sides to cover the sheets. Mattresses today are quite thick... could the quilting industry be behind this trend?

She brought in her Batik Braids to quilt on Lolah. What a beauty! Feast your eyes this color splash...

Marie loved the idea of using a colorful thread; she chose King Tut #933, a variegated cotton thread.


Her favorite pantograph is called Chinese Crescents which is a 4.5" repeat printed in a double row, 100% poly batting.

It's important to stand straight when you quilt on Lolah... So I reminded Marie often to straighten up.

I absolutely love her fabric choices. She's a collector of batiks, and on one of her trips to Calgary, she picked up some of the coordinating fabrics. Her border and sashing fabric looked familiar...

It's one I recognized from a kit I purchased at Road to California last year. The quilt kit is called "A to Z", a letter quilt designed by Janet Stone for the Quilt Show.

Chinese Crescents panto looks like the swirls in the fabric... pretty cool!

Lovely color and pattern...

Notice something different??

Marie quilted this one over 2 days... this is a large quilt and one pass of quilting is only 4.5". Marie also prefers to quilt in one direction; for that you break the thread at the end of every row.

It was worth the time spent working a pattern that she liked... look at this backing... what texture it has!

A marvelous finish! It's a wonderful quilt! Well done Marie!!! Your quilt gives one the feeling of warmth and happiness looking at it!

We're all anxious to see your next project on Lolah Marie.




  1. the fabrics make a quilt & this one is stunning! Marie does fantastic work!

    1. She does beautiful work and very colorful too! Of course these are just brilliant!