Monday, March 23, 2015

January Circles

When I first bought Lolah, I attended the Lupin Quilt Fair and Sale during our summer vacation for the purpose of purchasing quilt tops to use as longarm practice pieces. I never got the chance to quilt them until we moved back to NB and obviously until this year. This one was called Dresden Circles and I loved the color and piecing of the stripes. 

Our DIL Ming's mother commissioned me to make 4 quilts, so at Christmas, I had her chose 3 tops and I promised to make the 4th one from scratch. 

I decided this one would look pretty with some ruler work and freehand designs. FilTec's Glide in Cream was used for both top and bottom threads; it has a 100% cotton batting and a 108" wide backing

The blocks weren't all precisely pieced, the centers didn't all match but besides that, the top was easy to quilt.

The backing shows the quilting better...

Here's a tip when you're applying binding if you have 2 spool pins or if you're like me and have a multiple spool holder sitting at the back of the machine. I don't like to have the roll of binding all over the floor picking up dust and loose threads. It stays clean and does not twist saving time.

We've delivered the quilts to California and they will soon make their way to Indonesia. This is Ming (DIL) and our son Jonathan. Over the next few posts, I'll show you the rest of the quilts.



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