Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pass the Mint Julep please!

One of the tops I was commissioned to quilt is this one called Mint Julep. The blocks are large and have a modern look so I decided to quilt it MODERN with straight line ruler work! I drew inspiration from the book "Quilting Modern" by Jacquie Gering & Katie Pederson 2012.

I used FilTec's Glide Thread in Tidewater color, 70/30 batting in black and a 108" wide backing in navy.

This was free-form, easy quilting; no marking necessary so it went relatively quickly.

It looks great on both sides. The binding was included with the purchase of the top; I put it away for safe keeping while our contractor was finishing my sewing room. After the renovation, I couldn't find it! :(  I had to resort to using the left-over backing to make a new binding; there was plenty of that.

When we arrived in California, I had a little more than half of the binding hand sewn. All the other quilts we brought were completely finished. 

Here it is... done and delivered!

Ready for cuddles!




  1. The straight line quilting suited this top so well. I wish I lived near you as I have 3 or 4 tops ready to be quilted that I keep putting off- just too much struggling with a domestic sewing machine.

    1. Thank you Catherine. I'm sure you can find a location near you where you can quilt your own. It is so much fun! Perhaps you'll come to Canada for a visit??