Friday, March 20, 2015

Baby & Me!

Two good friends of ours from California became grandmothers again: one for the 6th time and the other for the second time. Both babies are girls! Since we were headed to Los Angeles, it was time I got quilting in time to deliver these. 

I bought a baby quilt top at the Lupin Quilt Fair last summer and after close inspection, I decided it needed some alterations. I'd started to take it apart but Hollie finished that task and worked out this top for me.

I quilted it using FilTec's Glide in a light mauve (can't remember the color name now), 80/20 batting and Hearts in Bloom pantograph. 

Since I didn't want to end up with a half pattern at the end of the quilt, I quilted the top row of the design, the bottom row, then centered the third pass in between.

Then I filled in the space between these with some loops. It was a quick pattern to quilt and very pretty design for a little girl.

The quilt isn't very big which is unusual for me... I like big girl/boy bed-sized quilts.

It turned out quite lovely.

The second one started out as remnants from a small "Little Twister" quilt. I sewed the leftover pieces together to show how this special ruler worked and the design it produces.

Hollie started the process of adding borders and Marie and I continued until we were satisfied. 


This quilt was quilted with the same pantograph design and batting. I used FilTec's Glide in Salmon color. 

I decided to apply the binding while the quilt was still loaded on Lolah! What a novelty! This turned out to be a great time saver.

One problem I encountered was that I didn't have enough backing in the white on white fabric so I chose another fabric that matched and added some leftovers in the middle. It brings the design to the backing which is really fun!

I had Jonathan hold it up for photos outside here in Southern California before I wrap up the gifts! 

I love the backing! I think it will be very pretty in a little girl's room.

Waxwings are such pretty birds... they've been cleaning out the berries off this bush.

Perhaps they'll still be around when we return home.



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