Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tumbling with Irene...

The first time I met Irene, I knew she was special. She came to look at fabrics to make a quilt. She knew what she wanted to make but needed a pattern. I suggested she draw it out so that the next time she came, we'd be able to calculate fabrics. She vowed to return with a pattern. She didn't disappoint. 

Irene came to Spruce It Up with Odette in late January to work on her Tumbling Blocks. Funny sometimes you think you know someone but you really don't. Such is the case with Odette and Irene. They live across the street from each other but neither knew the other quilted until one husband saw the other woman's quilt. Now they share a common interest. How fun to have a quilting buddy...

Irene is dwarfed by Lolah but she is not intimidated. This petite woman is a firecracker! Watch for her at the dart tournaments too. 

I can't remember now when she came in to purchase these fabrics but they look awesome in her quilt. Filtec's Glide thread in Fool's Gold is on top and Denim is in the bobbin. 80/20 was her batting of choice.

Tickle Too panto is what she's working on here... it's a lovely open feather with a few swirls; great for adding motion to a quilt and a fairly simple design for a confident beginner.

Aqua fabrics remind me of the beach... just what we needed when winter was about to set in. Remember this was late January and the biggest storms were yet to come.

The back shows such great texture. Thank you Odette for your help that day and for introducing Irene to Lolah! :)

The front looks fabulous!!! Irene you amazed me with this quilt. It's gorgeous! Your piecing is precise and your quilting is wonderful... steady hand and speed are what get you through it successfully.

Irene looks happy don't you think?

I believe that's a very satisfied customer!

Readers, I'm trying to catch up... bear with me. I have the rest of January and all of February to work on. Good news though... the desktop computer is now back in operation after a new motherboard fan replacement. I can't tell you how happy that makes me!!

For now, I hope you enjoy a few more photos... check out the Show and Tell page!!



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