Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reporting in!

It's been a busy week! We've managed to pack and move furniture and boxes to a storage unit, dispose of some unused exercise equipment, furniture, miscellaneous objects, cookbooks, magazines, all donated to the thrift store. We've made 6 trips to the latter so far and will have much more to donate once we're ready for the movers.

Many many boxes aren't seen in this picture hidden behind other boxes. There's even more packed and ready to be delivered; we just ran out of time and energy over the weekend!

Part of the house prepping for the upcoming sale involved getting our Christmas tree up. This wasn't outside my usual date for decorating since Thanksgiving happens so near December 1st. On Wednesday last week when I went to Home Depot to pick up some packing supplies, I noticed they were ready to receive their shipment of trees and was hoping they would start selling them on the weekend! Sure enough! Saturday, the trees were there and although there was no one manning the stalls, and the gate was locked, they sent someone to help us. This tree is huge! The trunk measures close to 6" in diameter and boy is it heavy! We used our handcart to transport it to the backyard where my husband cut off 4" and drilled some holes to help it "drink".

 Earlier last week, before the flurry of activities, I had the pleasure of preparing these two blocs for the Deauville to Cape Cod mystery quilt from Scrap Quilt and Stitch. Needless to say, this is as far as I've gotten... the hand sewing and embroidery await quiet time!

From our house to yours, may you all have a very happy and safe holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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  1. Wow! You sure can make things happen, Lorette! The tree looks lovely and I am impressed that you also found some time to sew! Good luck with selling your house! And Happy Thanksgiving!