Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Work done... staging begins!

As you can see, our lives have been busy boxing and storing most of our belongings. Those items we chose to dispose off were donated to my favorite thrift shops by the carload! 7 carloads to be exact! Not much more can fit in this storage unit except perhaps another tower of boxes in that wee space in front which we may do soon. 

Today the realtor and stager arrive with furniture in the 2 rooms we emptied completely. Tomorrow the photographer comes and the listing will go online! Exciting for us! We are thrilled with the progress we've made and although it was a lot of work to get this far, we know that when the time comes to empty the house, it'll be so much faster and easier... I figure one week and we could be out of here but 3 days is more like it! 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family...

Our crepe myrtle is in its fall glory! reminds us of the colors of home in October... something we will definitely enjoy once again! 

Today and for the next week, the weather is to be colder than usual and perhaps a little rain is in the cards. Very close to freezing at night... feels like November in New Brunswick! That's OK... anything to make it feel like Christmas!

I even got some wrapping done! I'm happy to report too that the tree is still drinking lots of water! So happy for that! I fill the container with 1 gallon every morning! Only 21 more days... haven't even thought of Christmas cards yet! As for quilting, well, let's just say I'm in withdrawal! Can't wait to get back to regular days spent in my studio. DH has 12 days left to work before he's fully retired!! Reminds me of 12 days of Christmas... :)

As for my December Daily, I haven't worked on it yet but I journal and take photos everyday! Only once we are totally done with the staging and photography sessions will I be able to work on it. I plan to enjoy some scrapping time this weekend as DH is working his last on-call schedule EVER!!! So excited for him!

Progress is ongoing on the old farmhouse in NB too, our future residence... the contractor has checked in a few times: the windows and doors are all in rendering the house secure, the old porch has been demolished and work on the new one is well underway with the flooring done and some walls up. Weather hasn't cooperated this week with rain and this morning freezing rain and snow but there's finish work inside that continues. We're really getting anxious for this move! 

In the meantime, we're enjoying the process of finishing this career and starting a new chapter in our lives! May our angels in heaven help and guide us through this transition and if they can, send us some buyers!! :)



  1. Again, so impressed with your organizational skills! Wow! Hope you get a buyer quickly and glad to hear the work is progressing on your NB home. Today’s weather was nasty in Moncton, rain and snow, slushy, slushy. The next week looks like rain and more rain with temperatures just low enough to add some snow to the mix. A typical Moncton fall/almost winter.

    1. I saw that mess on the Highway cameras yesterday morning. Couldn't have been fun driving in it!
      The house is looking mighty bare but that's what we're after; the look of a large space devoid of emotion to allow potential buyers the ability to visualize themselves in the space. We hope it works! Wish us luck! Thank you Jennifer.