Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Did you miss me?

I have certainly missed you!

We're back from a month away! All I can say is: there's no place like home! It's fun to travel though and we've had some great moments touring Venice, biking the Dolomites with 18 wonderful bikers and 2 great tour guides, experiencing a bit of Verona, then vacationing at our summer home in the Maritimes of Canada.

Stay tuned for updates as I unpack our bags, reorganize our household, get used to Pacific Coast time zone, losing Daylight Savings Time, and bring our sleep patterns back to normal! 

Quilting is always on the mind and although I wasn't as productive as I had wished to be during my vacation, I did manage a few things which I'll share later.

Meanwhile, I must go back to bed to get some well-needed zzzzzzzzz's! 



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