Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Can you smell them??

Oh! The familiar smell of boxes and packing tape! How I have missed you! NOT!!!

But there you go... this is what we're up to these next few weeks!

Our realtor and stager visited yesterday and we took down all the artwork from the walls...

Boy! do the walls look bare!

Then we set out to reposition the furniture in every room... some will be delegated to the storage unit and thrift store if no one in the family claims them.

Today we'll rent another storage unit and pack up the artwork and start thinning all the bookcases, shelves and cupboards in the main living areas. Plans for this weekend are to put up the Christmas tree here so that right after Thanksgiving, the realtor's photographer can come do his bit!

All this with 11 people coming for dinner Thanksgiving day! YIPPEE!!! What a celebration we'll have!!! Perhaps we can enlist them to move some boxes before we feed them?? :)

I'm armed today... my favorite tools for the process of packing... I list everything in the box as I load them and photograph the contents then I number the boxes according to the room the contents were in. For example: Living room: Box no 1 of 30, Box no 2 of 30 etc is what would be on the box (30 being the total number of boxes in that room). In the notebook: Living Room Box no 1 would list the contents. No description of the contents is recorded on the box. It is so much easier at the unpacking stage to refer to the notebook, identify which box contains what you're looking for then go find the box. I've used this system for all our moves and it never fails to impress me how easy it is... sure, it takes time to list at packing but the rewards are there in the end!

Off to get some mirror cartons at the big box store... according to our mover, you can't find them cheaper anywhere! Even they can't sell them to you cheaper! Go figure! Used to be they would give you the boxes!! I guess the economy shot that down too.




  1. what an undertaking!!!!!!!........but I know you are up to the task........that beautiful home of yours......I'm ucky to have been a

    1. Thank you for your confidence! It is a beautiful home and I hope the next owners enjoy it as much as we have!