Friday, April 24, 2015

Shannon visits Lolah!

As I was finishing up quilting on a customer quilt one day in early March, Hollie came over with her cousin and brought along the three quilts she planned on quilting the next day. (It takes time to choose thread and panto graphs as friends of Lolah can appreciate!) Two were baby quilts, made exactly the same with the same backing. She intended them to be gifts for friends expecting.

I had to leave early that day so I helped Hollie and Shannon load the baby quilts, gave them brief instructions and left them on their own. 

Flannel baby quilt no 1 was quilted with Bronze Glide thread by Filtec, and 100% poly extra-loft batting; Shannon was brave and/or confident enough to go freehand!

They did really well flying solo... I came home to an empty shop and one quilt done. The next day, they returned to finish the next baby quilt. For this one she chose Filtec's thread called Tar Heel and added ruler work to her freehand.  Not bad for a newbie!! This is Shannon's 12-yr-old daughter Jessica.

Shannon's third quilt is for Jessica who is a lover and rider of horses.

The backing is a beautiful batik; Shannon picked Sea Green Glide thread by Filtec, and Hearts in Bloom panto.

I was surprised at how speedy and in control Shannon was on Lolah. She's a potter and told us she has to work at higher speed on the wheel than most so perhaps it wasn't such a surprise to watch her go.

She started at 1 pm and was done this large quilt at 4:30 pm...

Great control...

A gorgeous quilt for Jessica...

I hear she's getting a few more ready for her next visit. I'm looking forward to it!




  1. Just finished looking at these pics Beautiful work

    1. Thank you Marlene! She was amazing on Lolah!