Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oh... So Modern!!

Lise is on a mission to quilt up tops that she's been working on for a few years. She has booked time on Lolah to quilt them all! How cool is that?

This one is extra special! When she first started quilting on Lolah, we discussed some of her quilts and from that discussion, I purchased a few special pantographs. The one she chose for this quilt is one of those.

It's called Seaside... a 14" panto by Kathie James and sold by Willow Leaf. Lolah having an 18" throat means she can quilt up to 14in... that means this panto would have to be adjusted. Lise was up to the challenge of making it work!

She chose Graphite Glide by Filtec and 80/20 batting for her 92x95 quilt. It proved a great combination.

Rachel and Muriel dropped by the shop and started chatting with Lise... turns out they're related! 

A great pattern...

and some steady work...

Quilts of this size require some help to get it done...

This is one project that also requires a little filling in with free hand work. You wouldn't want a half pattern at the edges so we planned our rows accordingly filling in at the end with some free-motion quilting.

What a beauty!!! I bet it will look great on any bed!!

 A great finish!!!

You have a right to be proud Lise!! It's stunning!

Always awesome...



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