Friday, April 10, 2015

Quilting for a Cause!

Marie belongs to several quilting circles and one of them is the Fabric Cupboard's BOM Pinwheel group. Their 2013 pattern was a Churn Dash in solids. If you knew Marie, you'd know this was outside her comfort zone! She is all about color and pattern, except green. So when she brought this top in, I was very surprised. I LOVE solids and this one is particularly lovely!

She wanted to quilt it on Lolah instead of hand quilting it and decided to try a different pattern than her usual. She chose Zephyr pantograph designed by Hermione Agee for Lorien Quilting. 100% polyester batt completed the sandwich with a solid backing.

Imagine Filtec's Glide thread in Celery for the top and Linen color for the bobbin thread. It made for a great combination.

Marie feels more comfortable quilting patterns with shorter "stretches"... achieving smooth long lines can be difficult for beginners.

Such intense concentration...

I believe Marie was quite successful in getting those beautiful curls.

A very interesting mix of colors...

Well done... great flow...

It's beautiful Marie!!

Front and back...

Marie has donated this quilt to "Un Phare Dans La Nuit" a group dedicated to raising funds for Mental Health. Tickets will go on sale soon!

I'm slowly catching up with the blog posts... We're into February's now... this is what it looked like...

Just a reminder of some of our snowstorms... we are done with these... bring on SPRING!!

Some days, getting to the barn was a bit of a challenge! BUT we survived another winter of record snowfall!



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