Monday, October 21, 2013

Hot to Press!

While folding fabric, I happened to knock my old iron off the table to the floor. :( Nothing broke and as I shook it, nothing rattled so I kept ironing. It looked exactly like this one!

It was an old Sunbeam with an auto-shut off switch that I purchased at the thrift store for $3.50 years ago and was used specifically for quilting. I loved that I could sew for quite awhile before it turned itself off and I never worried if I happened to leave it plugged in and walked out of the studio. This was a very rare occurrence mind you as one of my greatest fears is of fire!

Well a day or two later, as I prepped some freezer paper for applique, I noticed the ON light blinking which it never did before. No amount of shaking could get it to stop blinking, and the iron wasn't getting hot anymore. OOPS! I guess it was time to toss it in the recycling bin!

Enter the new iron: a Target special... it's heavier and bigger than my old one :( and the water tank seems to hold more. Good thing because this iron shoots terrific steam. It's more than I need for freezer paper prep which requires a dry iron on a lower setting. I was hoping for a much smaller iron but this will do for now.

My "REAL" iron is this one I purchased at the Long Beach International Quilt show many years ago (perhaps 7yrs). I LOVE this iron and it's my go-to wrinkle-busting workhorse! With it, I can iron 14 of my husband's dress shirts in 1 hour and 6 pairs of pants in 30 min! It will iron 2 pant legs at at time!

Since it's a closed-steam system, it doesn't work for freezer-paper piecing. But it's great for those fabrics that have been stored too long and have as many stubborn wrinkles as a dried up prune!

What's your favorite iron?



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