Thursday, October 17, 2013

More stash folding

A friend and I have enjoyed morning walks along the streets of West LA for the past 7 years but since our move to the valley, our treks have been less frequent. Now I combine the walk on the day I bike with friends. It's my way of avoiding heavy traffic by leaving the house earlier than others making the morning commute for work.

Recently, during our early morning walk, I found this unit while previewing the Goodwill shop in West LA. I knew I'd have to come back here later in the morning to investigate... and I was happy I did. It's a Besta from Ikea and is exactly the same as the black one I got years ago at the same Goodwill!  I got it for $25. SCORE!

So I turned the black unit around to face the back under Lolah (which happens to be the front of the machine), and put the white unit in front to have easy access to fabric.

The day before this fabulous find, I had emptied the blanket box and folded the fabrics but had stored them in the under-the-bed containers until I found the right shelving. 

How fortunate to find that Besta unit at this time. I love how deep the shelves are! 

One more blanket box to go but I assure you I'm nearing the end of my hidden stash!



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