Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Three more for Hollie!

What can I say! I'm impressed with Hollie's enthusiasm and dedication to her hobby. She arrived with 3 more lap quilts to work on Lolah! She's hard to beat...

Her first quilt of the day was this beautifully pieced scrappy triple Irish chain. First order was to choose the thread and she fell in love with Teaberry Glide by FilTec. You see, she came after Odette had been here to work on the shirt quilt and we know that's the thread Odette used. It turned out to be perfect for this chain. Hollie also brought her own batting for today's quilting.

Again, she wanted the lights off, Christmas music in the background...

This is another quilt that was done in loop-d-loops, her favorite... she really does a terrific job of it.

We were missing a helping hand for the photo taking that day so we improvised...

What a lovely quilt...

she even added some personal touches... a little butterfly here and there!

Number one quilt done, Lolah was prepped for 2 of the same quilts. Hollie's quilting is a business venture and this is one popular design among the summer customers to the craft shop in Murray Corner. 

For these two nautical quilts, she chose FilTec Glide in Sea Green and her own batting and backing.
Friends dropped by for a look and some lessons... some shopping too...

Sally also dropped by... Hollie, Sally and Sharon (you have yet to meet Sharon!) have a history of quilting each other's quilts together when their boys were young. It's wonderful to see such close friends share this wonderful hobby.

I love how she transforms a panel into these awesome jewels!

It was hard to get a good photo of both of the quilts... the color in the photo above is closer to the true color; I really must get that light fixture and the bulb changed. Sorry Hollie! Blame the sun setting too early in December!

A close up of the center panel... how beautiful!

Hollie, you're a hard act to follow. Many will try... can't wait to see the next three! Thank you for your energy!

Have a look at the Show and Tell page for some reveals...

Here's a look at the barn progress... The doors are in on the north side, the plumber and geothermal contractors are nearly done, and the contractor is busy putting up the pine planks on the walls upstairs. We're hoping the electrician will be in soon. Not much else left to do... :)



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