Friday, January 30, 2015

Joan's Oranges...

Joan first came to Spruce It Up last summer with her sister who had convinced Joan it was time to finish this project. You see, it was a long time in the making. Don't we all have WIPs (works in progress) hidden somewhere? I know I do and some of mine are older than this one! :(

Joan needed some fabrics to match in order to finish this top. This was her first quilt... she is a stickler for details, a common trait among computer programmers so it's no surprise that the piecing is perfect. 

It was fun to see some of these prints with which I was quite familiar. Joan quilted the Easy Peasy pantograph using FilTec's Glide in Bronze color, a bright shade of orange and used 80-20 batting...

She mastered pantograph quilting quickly; besides great concentration, she had good control and smooth moves. A death grip on Lolah is hard to miss... we all do it... why? perhaps we're afraid of letting Lolah go her own way, perhaps we feel the need to hang on for dear life, but she really doesn't need such a tight grip... I promise you can move her with one finger or perhaps one hand. Easily!

It's always interesting to watch the progress from the first row of stitching, to watch the curves become rounder, the points sharper. By the time the quilt is done, you realize: HEY... I did it!!! And it looks great! Forgotten are those times when you said OOPS... can you find them? Perhaps YOU can but it's not necessary to point them out.

After all, we aren't perfect... Friends will look at the quilt and say: Great JOB!!

The feeling of accomplishment at doing it yourself is a powerful "drug"! 

This is a lovely quilt; Joan you did some amazing work; just the binding to do and you can call this WIP done! 

How cool is that??



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