Monday, January 19, 2015

New Year! New Lolah Friend! SALE SALE SALE!


Lolah got a visit on Jan 2nd from Lise and they quickly became friends. Lise brought her Lucky Stars with her, a pattern by Anderson Designs. This was a Fabric Cupboard Spring 2014 Retreat project all done in Moda fat quarters. And what a beauty! 

Just as she was getting started, several of her friends showed up at the shop; Annette, Janita and Hélène.

Hollie was here also; she's a great asset to the shop as she loves fabric, designs beautiful quilts, loves to learn all there is to know about Lolah and is never at a loss for wonderful ideas. 

The batting is Hobbs Cotton, Flowers for Haley is her preferred pantograph and FilTec's Glide in Aqua for the thread. This is a big quilt and because of that we loaded her vertically; her backing was pieced in three rows sewn horizontally.

Throughout the day, we marvelled at the beauty of these fabrics... Hollie informed us she had most of these fabrics in her stash too. Now how come this doesn't surprise me? She has a great sense of color and these fabrics would very much appeal to her. A few days later she brought her supply in to show us. Lovely fabrics!

I was impressed by Lise's control of Lolah... she was consistent in speed and very quick to get in the "zone" which is what I call getting your brain in tune with the design. It's hard to explain to those who haven't tried it... you use the line as a guide but quilt the shape that you see. That's the zone! Once you "get there" it's sweet.

It's not a wonder she had such control... Lise holds a 2nd degree black belt in TSURUOKA style Karate which she practices in Cap Pelé. 

Flowers for Haley is a 12" design so the passes are wide but they take a little longer to accomplish. We like to time each row along the way to see how we progress.

I think we figured Lise cut 10 minutes off her first passes by the time she was in the center of the quilt.

This quilt was expertly pieced and it was square which makes this job so much easier.

This is the backing... fresh off the frame!

What a gorgeous quilt Lise! 

A work of art...

Stay tuned for more from Lise!! Oh yes! You'll be impressed when you see her very first quilt!

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