Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Odette's Shirt Quilt!

Odette was commissioned to make this next quilt... one made with the shirts belonging to a recently deceased man for his widow. A friend collected the shirts, was shown how to salvage the fabric and the buttons. 

It took Odette a few months and 2450 pieces to create this one! I just love this... this is right up my alley... scrappy-looking and it comes with a story. Working on this type of quilt can be emotionally draining... however, since she didn't know the man who wore these shirts, Odette says there was no feeling of loss associated with the process. 

She chose Soft Touch batting by Fairfield and FilTec's Glide in Teaberry which is a soft plum color... after all, this is going to the widow... 

Look at these shirtings...

The pantograph is called Cotton Candy... something soft...

I love Odette's relaxed style... she is consistent in speed, no rushing. Lolah appreciates that! :)

A peek at the back before we flip it over...

This is a beauty! Something the widow will no doubt appreciate!

It's hard to photograph the whole quilt on the porch... here we had to resort to a clamp on the shelf for help. What a beautiful quilt!

Well done Odette. You and Lolah work well together.

Contrary to what you see on the tree beside Odette, recent sales of the Christmas ornaments leave us with only 5 more to sell... Please have a look and make your donation today... I would love to mail off that cheque to the MS Society before Christmas! Call or email me and I will set it aside for you or send it to you by post.

The barn is well on its way to being finished! A recent delivery of the wrong color of siding has now been rectified. Do you like our color choice? Wicker and Autumn Red!

The road leading to the barn has been a mud path due mainly to the weather. It's not been cold enough to freeze the ground and the recent torrential rains have turned the land into a soft, muddy mess. Heavy machinery like delivery trucks make it worse. Our road man has been busy upgrading the surface but he's also been hired to restore some country roads that were washed out by the heavy rains.

Christmas is fast approaching... our 4 children and their spouses and grandson start arriving tomorrow night. There will be some hustle and bustle around us again as we prepare to trim the tree, prepare the feast and enjoy the visit. 

Our holiday hours are as follows: if in doubt, call first! 
Closed December 24th through 28th. Open Dec 29-30th. 
Closed Dec 31st and Jan 1st. Open Jan 2nd.

2015 A Graceful Winter Block of the Month is now ready for pickup!

Happy Stitching!




  1. Lovely quilt. The good bad news on the weather, sounds like Canada.

    1. Yes! It's raining again! I sure hope we don't get as much as the last huge rain maker!

  2. I have lost count of how many truckloads of gravel have been poured onto our circular driveway in recent years, not to mention half the lane is paved. But the milk truck and feed trucks can all make their way in here every day. I always have looked forward to the mud in March because that is a sign of winter leaving and spring arriving. But it is mid December and we are in much mud here in Southern Ontario also.

    1. Wow Chris! No snow your way either?? Our "new" driveway is 1/2 mile long! Takes a lot of gravel!!

  3. It's a beautiful quilt! Your road looks a lot like ours, but a least now it's snow covered and frozen so we don't sink into the ruts.

    1. A little frozen ground would be appreciated especally today when we go to the woods to get our Christmas tree. There's snow on the ground this morning but it won't last all day... just hope it lasts long enough for pictures!