Sunday, December 7, 2014

Betty returns...

Betty returned for another turn at Lolah. This time it's a beautiful batik collection and a snazzy chili pepper backing. Choosing the thread color was a cinch.  She chose King Tut #906 (Cotton) Autumn Days variegated which is a blend of oranges and greens and yellow.

I could stand there and admire those fabrics all day... what fun it is to work on such a collection of batiks!

This quilt is expertly pieced... and it lay flat and square.

Cotton Candy pantograph made for stress-less quilting.

She had this top quilted in no time at all. I love Betty's approach to Lolah: she works at a steady pace, no rushing, no sudden movements and Lolah loves that. 

Isn't this gorgeous? Betty donates to a hospice/palliative/long-term care facility. This one will surely keep someone warm and brighten his/her days.

I just love this backing... chili peppers!

Close up of the batiks... what gorgeous fabrics!

Can't wait to see what she brings next!

I'm trying hard to catch up with all those who have come to quilt on Lolah... bear with me... I'll get there! One is a secret so I must wait until after Christmas or after it is gifted before I can post. So we'll skip one for now...

Update on the barn... the metal roof is on... and not too soon either... I came home to snow after a few days spent Christmas shopping with my sisters. Fabulous time with family is always rejuvenating. These pictures were taken before the latest dusting.

Looking forward to heat in this building...