Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where have I been??

It must be said that my time on the Internet is quite curtailed these days; that with the shop and the activities of summer, it feels great to be busy. Even Hurricane Arthur which came to our shores Saturday morning as a tropical storm didn't deter our plans.

Even before the shop opened, I had plans to be a vendor at the Annual Lupin Quilt Fair and Market (in its 33rd year) in our little town of Port Elgin NB. Ever since I made those plans, I've been preparing for that weekend. Quilters are a hardy bunch; attendance was down on storm day but it picked up on Sunday.

This was Spruce It Up Quilting's booth!

My husband made the quilt rack and added the signs!

I had no expectations for this venue since I was a newcomer... the point of being there was to meet quilters and non-quilters who had great interest in the art and to have a chance to share my love of it. I achieved that and more! The reception I got was overwhelming... I hope quilters see the shop as a friendly place to visit, to shop and especially to come show me their works of art... after all it goes both ways! We all learn from each other. I love to see what others are making!

As you can see, Deauville is front stage. A lot of people commented on it... after all, this is cottage country. Many asked if it was for sale! Many more took photos! 

I had a few of my own quilts on display in the gym... the one on the left was made in 1994-95 and finished a few years later. The pattern was featured in Fons and Porter's For the Love of Quilting in the second or third magazine issue. It is called Fat Stars because I used over 120 fat quarters to make the pieced blocks. I hand-quilted this one myself.

The quilt on the right was made with leftover fabrics from a signature quilt I made for our parents as a Christmas gift in 1994. The colorful fabrics were chosen by each family member to represent themselves. I couldn't let those leftovers go to waste so I used 30s reproduction fabrics to frame the jewels. It's called My Family Jewels because I can identify each family member in this quilt. This one was hand-quilted by the Anglican Church Women's group in Westcock NB. Both are queen sized and not for sale!

Barnside is also bound and ready to send off to our dear friend diagnosed with cancer. After finishing the binding, I tossed it in the washing machine and it came out so lovely!

While I was photographing this quilt, Sadie was busy putting the final stitches to her large quilt! Excuse the bright light from the window behind her. Sadie spent yesterday quilting hearts on her top and after finishing the last row, she wanted to add more quilting. She decided to return today to do some free-motion quilting in the spaces between the hearts. She found her groove and in no time, she was done! She was so excited to be in front of the machine and plans to return in August with another quilt for more practice. I must tell you that she is also a dedicated hand-quilter who does beautiful work!

You too can rent time on Lolah! Bring your project in and we'll look it over, choose a design, thread and we'll book a time! If you already do free-motion on your machine, you will be amazed at how fast you can transition to the longarm. There's a learning curve and it takes practice but you'll surprise yourself! Sadie went home with a smile, so proud to have done it herself.

Spruce It Up Quilting shelves are just chock full of fabric bolts: Riley Blake, Jo Morton, Kona Cottons, Blue Hill, Maywood Studios, Andover Fabrics, Robert Kaufman, In The Beginning, RJR's Cotton Supreme and many more! We sell batting too: 100% poly, 80/20, 100% cotton on the roll... 

Monday morning, we'll have 21 new backings; 108" X 108". You won't believe our prices! Perhaps I'll see you soon!



PS I'm linking to The Needle And Thread Network and to Let's Bee Social... go on over and browse what others are doing... 


  1. Your booth looks great. I hope it brings you lots of business in your shop.

    1. Thank you Lisa. People here are very friendly and it was easy speaking with them about their love of quilting. I hope they see the shop as the friend in the neighborhood!

  2. I am impressed that you found the time to sew that binding on! Way to go girl! You must be keeping later hours?? lol

    1. Had so much fun on Sunday... Hope you did too... although we hardly got a chance to talk since we were both so very busy! I appreciate you coming to help even with a bad foot and post migraine! I know it wasn't easy!! You are a great friend for being there! thank you!
      I worked on Barnside Sunday night and Monday. It's now on its way to our friend! Yes I am staying up later... with the summer sun it's easy to stay up late! :) I have another 2 quilts that need binding and I won't quilt another until the bindings are applied! Evening hand work...

  3. Wow! I had no idea you (and Lola) ran a shop. What a fun time you must have had at the show. You chose such beautiful pieces to display! Congrats on the Barnside finish. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. Your friend is in my prayers!

    1. Thank you Lorna! The shop opened 1 month ago and we're steadily building a clientele! It's not a big shop but it's a convenience for local quilters who now don't have to drive so far for fabric. I had a lot of fun at the show... Thank you also for the prayers for our dear friend! He should receive it today!