Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Marie's bag!

Lolah is working with Marie today... Marie is making a carry-on travel bag, a pattern she purchased in the shop last week but she knew she had fabric at home for this project. The pattern has 2 methods of quilting/construction but Marie wanted to quilt the fabric on Lolah before cutting the pieces just like in the pattern.

Marie chose Glide thread in Coffee color for top and bobbin and is quilting the Chinese Crescent panto; she's doing a great job too. It's wonderful to see her progress and to see her so excited at quilting it herself.

The Soft and Stable byAnnie's is such a wonderful product to quilt and the bags made with it retain their shape. Lolah loves this stabilizer too! It's available by the meter in the shop.

Marie forgot to bring her lunch so she called Joy to come over to see her work and to go out for lunch! When they returned, there was very little quilting left to do so while Marie finished her quilting, Joy shopped.

Isn't this a lovely pattern? She did such a great job!

Then we marked all the pattern pieces on the lining side and Marie cut them out and labeled each piece.

She is thrilled with how this fabric turned out... it really is such a gorgeous fabric! Well done Marie!! I can't wait to see this bag!

Meanwhile, I'm working on repairs... my nephew and godson Jason's quilt is one I made for him in 1997 for his HS graduation. He's a chess champion and I wanted to celebrate that. I designed the chess pieces and the quilt as a duvet cover. A few years ago, a tear developed probably hooked along the foot of the bed frame. This will have to be repaired of course.

The plan for this quilt is to remove the backing, load a new backing that is longer and wider, & quilt it on Lolah. The removed backing will be used for binding and perhaps pillow cases to match. But first, it's important to clip all the loose and bunched up threads on the reverse side of the top.

It's amazing the amount of threads... Lolah wouldn't like having to hop over those.

You'll have to wait to see the photos of the before and after photos. A little suspense!! After all, my sister, his mother reads this blog... I'd like to keep some of it as a surprise!




  1. love the quilting, great pattern choice.

    1. Thank you Shauna! I think Marie was quite pleased!

  2. Your post gives me a case of machine envy...you are doing a thorough job on that repair job, I would just have patched or simply added another backing...