Monday, July 21, 2014

Anatomy of a Tied Quilt!

Do you tie quilts to give as gifts? I have done so a few times and I hope the quilts have survived. I have even tied a quilt I kept for us to use as an every day quilt on our bed. However, that quilt has a cotton batting, the ties are close together and I am careful when I wash/dry it.

This is Allison's quilt... our mother made this with my sister Jocelyn's help (Allison's mother). You can tell it's been well-loved. The fabrics have faded over the last 14 yrs.

The binding has frayed and is coming apart.

The poly batting has not fared well either...

In places it has completely given way!

The backing is riddled with holes from the ties.

The ties are still white!

 I'm now in the process of cutting all the loose threads and knots on the back of the top. The backing is too frail to use and won't be saved for the binding.

Next time you want to tie a quilt, consider using a cotton batting... I bet it would withstand a little more love!

Remember Jason's quilt? I worked on it last week and finished it on Sunday morning.

Here it is minus the binding. I think I'll use the same backing fabric for the binding... as I was working on Allison's quilt, it came to me that the backing of this duvet cover would be too frail also. Bindings take a beating and should last longer with newer fabric.

I designed the chess pieces on paper first then raw-edge machine applique'ed them and in the process ruined the zigzag on my 1975 Singer Diana 560 sewing machine. It still works but cannot perform the stitches as well as it used to and definitely not zigzag! It's been quiet ever since! I loved sewing on that machine... it was money well spent although it was an expensive purchase at the time.

I'm happy though that the chess pieces are still looking good, the zigzag is holding.

Meanwhile, the postman delivered some beauties! A few weeks ago, I posted a comment on Jacqueline's blog at and won these! Isn't this lovely?? This is my first win!! I'm thrilled with the Aurifil thread and the smaller spool of Aurifil wool #12; that zippered pouch in small hexies will come in handy when I travel with my applique! Plus I know just where I'll use the unicorn and castle fabric! The John James needles are my favorite too and these are applique needles! I'm sew happy!!

Thank you so much Jacqueline!!

Hope you're all enjoying the summer... the shop has been quite busy so I know lots of you don't stop quilting in the heat... it may slow us down but does nothing to deter the thrill of sewing!



PS: You'll want to keep your eyes open for announcements regarding new fabrics due to arrive any day... we'll need new shelves to hold all that was ordered! YIKES!! Might have to have a sale...


  1. Both Allison and Jason will be thrilled to have their quilts revived as am I......these quilts are so precious and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.....can't wait to see these beauties in person......

    1. Thank you Anne. Jason's quilt was a pleasure to work on again!! It will definitely last longer as a quilt instead of a duvet. Allison's quilt will survive several more years too. Mom did really well piecing this one!