Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stripping therapy!

The past two days have been quiet on the home front! Lots of time spent in the studio working away at my vision of a Downton Abbey quilt. I cut out the fabric late Monday afternoon and sewed a few units into the early evening.

There are a lot of HSTs (half square triangles) in this quilt but it's all easy work. Although the pattern is listed as an intermediate quilt, I believe a confident beginner could easily make this quilt successfully. 

HSTs are easy to make; I mark them before sewing... I blogged about them here.

These are leftovers after trimming the HSTs; they will make a cute little quilt someday!

The units are all ready.

My floor space isn't large enough in the sewing room anymore!  So I had to lay out rows 9 & 10 off to the side. The picture on the pattern sheet was used to help with layout of the 6 different fabrics that comprise the large units.

How do you mark your strips, rows, blocks when preparing to sew them? I use freezer paper pieces which I number and iron at the top of each strip. No pins to poke you when handling!

Once the strips are ironed and ready to be put together, I hang them up in order of sewing sequence.

Stay tuned for the quilt top reveal.

I have to prep the house today because we have another showing this afternoon! Can you tell I needed some sewing therapy?




  1. What great tips! I never considered there might be a solution to trying to keep the strips organized - love the idea of the freezer paper numbers, and pressing and hanging them in order is just plain is going to be a beautiful top!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. My studio floor space is at a premium; I could put the rows on the floor in another room but this keeps elements handy; hanging the rows makes it easier to see the progress and facilitates navigation between the sewing table and the ironing board without jumping over fabric.