Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peppermints Please!

I joined this BOM from Quilty Pleasures at our guild's quilt show in May. It's called Peppermint Place, a pattern by The Quilt Company from San Diego CA.

I fell in love with the colors and the fact that it's a Christmas-themed quilt didn't hurt. Block no 2 is ready for its applique. I used to do needle-turn but not anymore! I have a secret little tool that makes turning all those small 1/8" to 1/4" edges a breeze!! NO KIDDING!!

 These are my favorite supplies for applique. They make life sooo simple.
1: the non-stick, heat-resistant pressing sheet is a must. I love this large surface 18x20" as it helps me spread my pieces out once they're cut and it allows them to cool after the edges have been "ironed".
2: Best Press in my favorite scent! Love the smell of this starch.
3: Freezer paper: double thickness is key here.
4: small artist brush or waterbrush (you load water or in this case liquid starch by squeezing the brush with the brush tip in the liquid)
5: small tin (Altoids in this case) for the liquid starch if you don't have a waterbrush. This works just fine and is perhaps faster than the waterbrush. You apply the starch to the 1/8" -1/4" turn edges of the applique
6: Glue Baste It: you apply small dots of glue to anchor your applique to the background eliminating the need for pins!
7: Your regular iron: You gently iron the glue dots applique to the background without steam and a low to med setting.
8: Perfect Scissors: these are by Karen Kay Buckley and a must for fine detail cutting.
9: and lastly, my secret weapon! THIS LITTLE TIP!! It's from Cheri Meineke-Johnson of Cheri's Crystals and costs $2.00. It fits the BeJeweler, a tool that applies Hot-Fix Crystals, Pearls and Metals and RhineStuds. I bought this hot-fix iron kit and some crystals from Cheri at Road to California Quilt show many years ago. She sells her own Cool Tool for $18.95 which is the same as the BeJeweler. Last fall, I happened to watch a video of hers (@ The Quilting School) where she explains how she does her freezer paper applique and described her little tool. I met her at Road again in January and bought one to try it out! I was hooked! You see, this little tool's shape is what makes rolling the edges sooo easy and fast and the fact that it's hot helps dry the starched edges in place.

 Since I bought that applique tip for my BeJeweler, I have made two applique quilt tops: The Night Before Christmas and Merry Merry Snowmen by Bunny Hill Designs. Each top took 5 weeks to complete, amazing only because this little tip made applique sooo much simpler and faster.

Give it a try... you won't be disappointed!



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