Friday, December 11, 2020


 WOOHOO!!! We have sold all the ornaments!!! How exciting is that?? We are thrilled!!

Thank you to all who contributed an ornament or two (or more) to our annual ornament challenge! This is the first year that ALL the ornaments have sold!!

The Westford Nursing home in Port Elgin will be receiving a donation of $410... (someone made a generous donation). 

and thank you to all who purchased an ornament! It warms our heart to have you participating!

Voting continues until Tuesday Dec 15th! Check the Ornament 2020 page to review the beautiful creations! and cast your vote by sending me an email at or a text message on Facebook, or on our Spruce It Up Christmas Ornament Challenge page on Facebook.

Vote only once...

Thank you!

Your Spruce Crew

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