Tuesday, December 1, 2020

2020 Christmas Ornament Challenge: Let the Voting begin!

Spruce It Up's Christmas Ornament Challenge is almost over... we've received 20 beautiful ornaments this year and if no more ornaments get delivered today before 4 pm, that'll be a wrap!

Voting begins at 4pm... please vote on the blog @www.spruceitupquilting.com on our ORNAMENTS2020 page (look up on the header)
but please only 1 vote per person!
You can also purchase an ornament or two for $10 each! Please help us by purchasing an ornament!

You can e-transfer to lorettecole@gmail.com and we can save it for you to pick up after the voting is over or we can ship... shipping unfortunately isn't free! Sorry...
Remember the money raised from the sale of the ornaments will be matched by Spruce It Up Quilting and will be donated to the Westford Nursing Home.
Voting will take 2 weeks... then the maker of the ornament with the most votes wins this wonderful prize!

Thank you so very much to all the makers!!



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