Monday, November 2, 2015

Quilt finishes

Welcome back!! Sorry it took so long... it's been a busy spring and summer.

Here's another installment of quilting photos. I hope you enjoy seeing what quilters are working on as much as we enjoy helping them.

Week of March 30th-April 4th 2015

Date: March 31st
Lolah's friend: Lorette's commissioned quilts
Name/Pattern of the quilt: one baby quilt and one lap quilt
Thread: Glide 
Panto graph: Starflower (baby) Chartreuse (lap)
Batting: 100% poly (baby) 100% cotton (lap)
Photos and a finish

Date: April 1st
Lolah's friend: Lise C
Name/Pattern of the quilt: The Fabric Cupboard's 100 Club 2013 quilt: Churn Dash
Thread: Glide Thyme (top) Coral (bobbin)
Panto graph: Garden Frills
Batting: 80/20
Photos and a finish

Date: April 2nd 
Lolah's friend: Christel F.
Name/Pattern of the quilt: 3 quilts: 1) orphaned blocks, 2)Blue batiks, 3) French Braid
Thread: Glide 1) Lava (orange) 2) Blue 3) Lava
Panto graph: 1) Freehand 2) Vanilla Cream 3) Burning Bush
Batting: 100% cotton
Photos and a finish



Date: April 4th
Lolah's friend: Lorette's commissioned quilt
Name/Pattern of the quilt: Irish Chain
Thread: Mocha Glide
Panto graph: Echo of Light 
Batting: 100% poly
Photos and a finish:




  1. Very nice, Lorette!! That churn dash is identical to mine...done from the 100. Club

    1. It was made from that 100 Club! We've seen several of those on Lolah! Thanks Marjorie!