Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fabrics and Quilts Galore!

Here's what happened the week of April 13th. It was a busy 2 week period beginning with the previous as I gave 2 workshops/trunk shows and it was sale week at Spruce It Up.

Date: April 14th
Lolah's friend: Carole L.
Name/Pattern of the quilt: French Braid
Thread: Yellow Glide
Panto graph: Rose Vine
Batting: 100% polyester
Photos and a finish: Very pretty braid in these colors!

Date: April 14th
Lolah's friend: Carole L.
Name/Pattern of the quilt: quilting fabric to make a bag
Thread: Red Glide
Panto graph: Rose Vine
Batting: Soft and Stable
Photos and a finish: A wonderful bag in the making! Lolah loves Soft and Stable and the product quilts up beautifully!

Date: April 15th
Lolah's friend: Ann A
Name/Pattern of the quilt: Frozen panel quilt
Thread: Pink Glide
Panto graph: Easy Peasy
Batting: 100% poly
Photos and a finish: Ann has a very steady hand and did really well on both quilts!

Name/Pattern of the Quilt: Little Buckaroo
Thread: Mocha Glide
Panto graph: Interlocking Stipple
Batting: 80/20
Photos and a finish: This is really sweet!

Her friend dropped by to have a go with Lolah during her lunch hour!

Great baby quilt!

Date: April 17th
Lolah's friend: Marilyn O
Name/Pattern of the quilt: Jelly Roll Race
Thread: King Tut in purples and pinks
Panto graph: Hearts in Bloom
Batting: 100% cotton
Photos and a finish: Another gift for a teenager in need! Kindhearted Marilyn!!!

This just sparkles Marilyn!! Love that border detail!

Date: April 18th
Lolah's friend: Lise C-D
Name/Pattern of the Quilt: BOM at the Fabric Cupboard
Thread: Raven Glide
Panto graph: Chinook
Batting: 100% cotton
Photos and a finish

 A feature we love at Spruce It Up is to apply the binding while the quilt is loaded. It is so much faster but it does require a steady hand... a skill Lise possesses.

It's not always quiet while someone is on Lolah! There's hustle and bustle going on here! Check out the Show and Tell page (look on the header for it) and see the work brought in that week.

Marie announced an Ocean Waves Bargello class:

Shortly after the sale we received a new order of fabrics! Yes we do get excited to see new bolts!

Friends dropped in to see the new fabrics...

and chose their favorites for the Bargello class! Here the girls are looking through a value finder.

We do take time for ourselves! Sew evening with friends... Despite what the sign says, the shop was closed and it was after-hours! Hollie brought her Margaritaville and treated us all to a refreshing drink... dinner by our in-house chef followed.

Take time for yourselves! Have a sew day!



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