Saturday, November 15, 2014

Play Dates!

Betty came to see Lolah last week. She brought along a gorgeous quilt. 

She chose a black batting as both the top and backing were in darker colors. This batting is a 70/30 blend, has a low loft and beautiful hand.

I know these next photos look blurry... the originals are not but I've experienced some computer problems this week trying to upload these and the many others I took of that day but was unable to work out the bug! Now it looks like my hard drive is toast!! I've done what my guru has asked me to do to no avail! I may have to wait until his visit at Christmas before I can get to post the remainder of the photos.

This is the backing Betty chose! A lovely fabric!  Her thread choice was Filtec's Merlot which is a gorgeous deep red wine color. 

I apologize Betty... I wish I could share all the photos as this quilt is a beauty and you did such an amazing job quilting it. It's maddening when technology interrupts our lives like this! I wish I had made a backup of the file before the HD decided to die! 

Lorette had a few play days this week too... remember Florence's quilt? You can see the previous post here... I basted it because I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it in one session. The basting did what it was suppose to; I had no problem reloading it and there were no puckers. The quilt also remained square.

After several hours on Lolah, it is off the machine and looking lovely! This is all ruler work; the blocks are on point and longer than 14" top to bottom which means I had to roll the quilt back and forth to quilt each block. It's working on quilts like this that I wish Lolah had a longer reach.

Then the basting came out!

Isn't it lovely?

When the sun came up Saturday morning, the trees on the west side of the property were just gorgeous, heavy with new snow. What a pretty day!

It came at a good time... this is a preview of what just came off Lolah... I'll share more when the binding is on!


Remember voting starts tomorrow Sunday November 16th for the BEST ornament!!! Look at the beautiful ornaments brought to the shop... check out the page at the top of the block to see them and then vote! Send an email to or come in the shop to vote in person.

You have until November 30th to cast your vote... one vote per person please!!! Check out the blog on December 1st when we'll announce the winner AND start the sale of the ornaments. All proceeds will be donated to the MS Society!! Please be generous!

and stay safe on the roads...



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