Sunday, November 9, 2014


Meet Lily! She our new shop mascot! She loves to be pet, she breathes and purrs, doesn't shed, requires little care! DH came home last week and announced every quilt shop needed cat and since we can't have a real one due to friends' and family members' allergies, this was the only alternative. Isn't she sweet?? It's a great conversation piece! :)

Lorette met with Lolah on Wednesday. This is Roberta's antique quilt. It is made of a mixture of polyester and cotton fabrics and the quilt batting has a super loft, not something Lolah works with often. The binding consists of the backing folded and stitched to the front and the batting makes the binding as puffy as the quilt. The red snappers would not be happy with the bulk since I was not taking the binding off to quilt this. 

My first objective was to make a leader fabric to which the quilt could be pinned then attached to the frame's leaders with the red snappers. Lolah did her best to quilt right up to the binding's edge; it was a challenge best done slowly and carefully.

Roberta asked to have it quilted simply, straight lines would do but I couldn't do that! Very little of the previous hand quilting remained but the stitching lines were still visible. I just followed it along as best I could.

Some of the fabrics show wear; in places, the quilt has been repaired a few times, restitched in others with top stitching. 

Some of the lines were not straight and I kept them that way... Lolah didn't mind following the "groove" in the lofty batting left by the hand quilting.

Look at these fabrics... some are quite lovely!

This is the first time I quilt the clam shell! I had no template or rulers that fit this size but it was quick to stitch it free hand. I used Permacore in white top and bottom.

It's not a large quilt by any means but it was made by her mother and grandmother and it means a lot to her to preserve it.

I hope Roberta likes it!

Come meet Lily, Lolah and Lorette this week... one of them is having a birthday... and that means a sale!!!




  1. Great to see new life in a well loved quilt! Really like the clamshells..I always forget about them so they were very popular with a couple of our instructors at R2C.

    1. It was and that surprised me. However this quilt needed to be quilted the way it was originally even if it is by machine instead of by hand.