Sunday, May 11, 2014

My beautiful mom!

On this Mother's Day, I wish my mother a wonderful, peaceful day! She has been the best mother to her 5 daughters, proud grandmother to 14, and great-grandmother to 5! We all wish dementia hadn't robbed you of your memories but we can rejoice in your good health that keeps you with us still! At 92 yrs old, you still look great! Love you forever!

The sunshine of the latter part of last week helped boost some nervous energy into productivity. You recall in the last post I mentioned loading Lolah with this large quilt. Life interrupted and I didn't get back to finish it until Friday. Oh how I miss my large bedroom in Los Angeles... I would spread my quilt tops and finished quilts on the hardwood floor to take my photos... no such space here and with the lawn still damp and not looking so lovely, there's no way I'll spread it outside. My clothesline has not been installed yet... yes! of course I brought my clothesline with me. It was not part of the sale of the house.

Panto work is something I've had to practice to "get it" and I'm so glad I used this quilt for this exercise. I didn't have to adjust for uneven borders etc... the quilt maker was a very precise piecer! This quilt is gorgeous;
it measures 94X106 after quilting (from 96X108).

I used a poly batting; the panto is called Chinese Crescent; the thread is Glide in Mocha color. I LOVE Glide thread... I invested in a wide range of colors recently and can't wait to try some of the greys and reds too.

The back was pieced with a strip of blue flowered print and a wider one of off white muslin then cut in half and flipped to reverse the colors. The blue print rectangles look like they're floating in opposite corners.

A bonus with this quilt is a fabric label by the maker which I will incorporate with mine. Today's job will be to work on the binding and since I don't have any of the fabrics in the top, I will use the blue print from the backing.

Last night while listening to Antiques Roadshow taped from Anaheim CA (a repeat I'm sure) I finally finished Yoko Saito's Quilt Mystere 2012 Block #6. 

My worry about the misplaced stairs has disappeared... it no longer bothers me and in a way, makes it recognisable as mine!

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there!! 26 yrs ago, I spent part of my Mother's Day in the hospital! It was well worth it...

Happy Birthday Isabel! You have grown to be a confident young woman, a devoted daughter, wonderful sister, aunt, granddaughter, friend to many! You have a great career as a "rocket scientist" and we're so pleased that you LOVE your work. Can't wait to help you plan that wedding and welcome Mac into our family.




  1. It's hard to believe that your mother is 92. I hope I look that good at 70. Happy Birthday to Isabel. I bet that 26 years went by in a flash. I'm glad you didn't change the steps in block 6. That is going to be an amazing quilt. Speaking of amazing quilts.....the Chinese Crescent panto was a perfect fit for the quilt.

    1. Looking good at 92 is my goal too but I also wish I will still have my marbles! Poor Mom doesn't; mini strokes have robbed her of her memories. Thanks for stopping by. I'm pleased with the progress on these quilts.

  2. Hi Lorette! Your panto quilting is just wonderful! What an awesome quilt. And your mystery block is pretty amazing! I have to check that out.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am glad you like my Christmas quilt. I am so pleased with the way it is turning out.